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"It Will Not Be Easy To Win My Heart": Nowitzki



    "It Will Not Be Easy To Win My Heart": Nowitzki
    Dirk Nowitzki's lawyer says Christa Taylor's pregnancy claim is likely a tall tale, but if not, Dirk says he wants sole custody.

    Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki told a German publication it won't "be easy to win" his heart in the aftermath of his broken engagement to former fiancee Cristal Taylor.

    Nowitzki, who is in Germany, spoke openly about his romance with the 37-year-old for the first time to Bild Magazine. He covered many aspects of their time together, including how they met and their wedding plans, in a question-and-answer format, The Dallas Morning News reported.

    Nowitzki said he was "disappointed, sad and furious" initially but now thinks "someday he will be over it totally."

    Taylor was arrested on a probation violation and theft of services warrants at Nowitzki's Dallas home in May. She was indicted in 2006 for not paying a Beaumont dentist for 2004 work worth between $1,500 and $20,000 and remains in custody in the Jefferson County Jail.

    Nowitzki wants sole custody of Taylor's unborn child -- if genetic testing proves he's the father.