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Bulls' Noah Fined for Anti-Gay Slur at Heat Fan

Joakim Noah avoids suspension for anti-gay slur



    Bulls' Noah Fined for Anti-Gay Slur at Heat Fan
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    Joakim Noah fined by the NBA for anti-gay slur.

    Joakim Noah isn't half the star Kobe Bryant is.

    So does that mean his anti-gay slur is half as demeaning?

    The NBA on Monday fined the Chicago Bulls center $50,000 for using a derogatory term during Game 3 versus the Miami Heat - or half of what they fined the Los Angeles Lakers star for nearly the exact same offense just a month ago.

    Bryant was fined $100,000 for directing an anti-gay slur at an official during a regular season game.

    Some could argue Noah's offense was even more egregious because the league had already come out and said such behavior wouldn’t be tolerated and Noah was talking directly to a fan at courtside.

    Add to that the league is currently sponsoring a campaign about the use of derogatory words and it happened at the NBA's showcase - the playoffs - and Noah should be happy he got off light.

    Several critics had suggested Noah be suspended a game to send a stronger message to players, but Commissioner David Stern decided hitting Noah's wallet was more appropriate.

    Television cameras caught Noah involved in a verbal altercation with a fan near the Bulls bench at AmericanAirlines Arena in the first quarter. Noah had just picked up his second foul and said the fan said something disrespectful to him.

    The Bulls all-energy player apologized after the game and again on Monday.