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New York Rebuts Philly Fever



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    He doesn't look like Sly Stallone to us.

    There's a pretty funny video that Philadelphians have posted as a trash-talk take on the World Series.

    What's funny about it is the 30-year old montage from Rocky 2, with Jimmy Rollins' head photoshopped in place of Sly Stallone.


    That's how the City of Brotherly Love wants to play it? With a cheesy clip from the sequel? At least use the original, when Rocky was an underdog, clambering up the steps of the Art Museum. That's the movie that won an Oscar.

    The other broadside from the Broad Street bullies' B-movie is Rocky-Rollins beating up Derek Jeter. Just asking: Do you want that as bulletin board material in the Yankees' locker room? Somebody clobbering the classy Captain? Seems like a whole lot of attitude for a short film.

    What video archive would a fan of the Bronx Bombers cull from to respond? Oh, he or she might have to go all the way back to last night and just show the Teixeira trot, the Matsui mash, or Rivera settling the score, like a real heavyweight champ.