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Namath's Dogs More Bite Than Bark: Lawsuit

Broadway Joe facing lawsuit in South Florida over wild pooches



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    Former New York Jets quarterback and MVP of Super Bowl III Joe Namath is seen on the field prior to Super Bowl XL between the Seattle Seahawks and the Pittsburgh Steelers at Ford Field on February 5, 2006 in Detroit.

    Joe Namath is facing a blitz of bad news over his prized pooches, who it turns out may be a bit more bite than bark.

    A UPS driver is suing the gridiron great after he claims he was attacked by Namath's three dogs while trying to make a delivery, according to the Palm Beach Post.

    David Gunter claims the dogs "caused vicious and serious personal injuries" in the 2007 attack on Namath's Tequesta estate. Gunter is seeking $15,000 for his injuries, which include a bite to the back of his leg.

    The flashy Namath, known for his rebellious side while as the history-making QB  for the Jets, apparently picks his dogs with a temperament similar to his own.

    After several complaints about the wild dogs, which include a a yellow lab retriever named Leo and a Weimaraner named Stella, Namath was forced to appear before a Palm Beach magistrate last month.

    The magistrate ruled that Leo was too dangerous, meaning it's illegal for Namath to take him to public places or let him roam his property without a leash and muzzle.   

    Stella and Leo have also been accused of attacking an irrigation technician in August, a contractor and a nurse.