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Patriots NT: “Quarterbacks are Wimpy”

Patriots Pro Bowler thinks rules do too much to protect “wimpy” QBs



    Patriots NT: “Quarterbacks are Wimpy”
    Wilfork, shown here sacking the Dolphins' Chad Henne, thinks QBs are too protected by current NFL rules.

    Patriots four-time Pro Bowl nose tackle Vince Wilfork became the unofficial mouthpiece for defensive players against any potential NFL rule changes on Monday, saying that current NFL rules don’t do enough to protect defensive players.

    Although he's had meetings in the past with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell due to his own discipline issues on the field, the six-foot-two, 325-pound Wilfork still believes quarterbacks are too protected.
    “You have a guy that’s making $30 million a year, but you can’t touch him. C’mon, let’s be for real now," Wilfork told The Boston Herald on Monday. "Me as a defensive lineman, it’s OK for somebody to hold me up, and another guy to come and chop my legs, and I can’t protect myself. I can do without that. That’s probably the main thing. Being able to hit a quarterback good. We need that. We need that back right there. But you hurt the franchise of your team if you’re allowed to tee off on the quarterback. Cuz you know, quarterbacks are wimpy.”
    Wilfork had 3.5 sacks and two interceptions last season and has been a steady force in the Patriots defensive attack, starting 112 of the 122 games he’s played for the team over the last eight seasons.