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Meadowlands Super Bowl Getting Likelier

Arizona's out and the new stadium looks like the best bet



    Meadowlands Super Bowl Getting Likelier
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    It's probably just a coincidence that Arizona decided not to bid on the 2014 Super Bowl on Thursday, the same day that a winter storm once again turned our fair village into a snow globe, but we'd like to think otherwise.

    We'd like to think that the fine people of Arizona knew that the world has no need for another climate controlled Super Bowl in a stadium that's already hosted one and that they wanted to do everything they could to ensure that the biggest football game of the year was played in conditions like the one you'll find just outside your window.

    As Peter King of Sports Illustrated tweets, the Arizona departure leaves the Meadowlands as the de facto favorite to get the game. That was pretty much the case from the moment the league changed its rules to allow a bid from the Giants and Jets, and now it seems like all that's left is crossing the t's and dotting the i's before the first-ever cold weather Super Bowl becomes a reality. 

    Other than grumpy media members who like a chance to work in warm climates for a couple of weeks, who wouldn't be behind an idea that offers a chance at a big game being played in the middle of a snowstorm? That's the best case scenario, of course, since there are plenty of February days that only offer numbingly cold temperatures and biting winds without any of the white stuff that makes it all worthwhile.

    Sure, there are potential problems with a snowstorm and the big game hitting the city at the same time. Roads get sloppy, airports slow down and so on and so forth, but none of that really matters to the vast majority of us because we wouldn't be going to the game. We'd be hunkered down with friends and family, enjoying beer and nachos and the dazzling white stuff on our HD screens.

    So let it snow and let them play a game the same way that kids around the area will be playing during this long weekend.

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