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The Latest Bad News for Lenny Dykstra

"Nails" can't keep his hands to himself



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    Facing divorce, foreclosure and a landslide of lawsuits, the former Mets and ex-Phillie great filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in California.

    "The Dude” is back making headlines, but certainly not good ones.

    As if former Phillies fan favorite Lenny Dykstra doesn’t have enough on his plate already, now one of his past employees is accusing him of fondling her, according to a legal document made available by The Smoking Gun.

    These of course are just allegations but here is what was claimed.

    A former personal assistant, complained in U.S. Bankruptcy Court about the incident that allegedly took place last May at Dykstra’s Woodland Hills, Cal. estate.

    As the story goes, “Nails” called her to his home last May, which was three hours away from where the assistant was staying in San Diego. She complied, and when she finally arrived, Dykstra was nowhere to be found.

    Lenny later arrived and allegedly demanded her to get to work even though it was after midnight. After she questioned what she could do, Dykstra insisted that she get out of his house.

    This was when things reportedly got ugly. She went into one of Dykstra’s rooms to grab her personal belongings. The woman claimed that “The Dude” asked for oral sex and put his hands on her breasts “while trying to push her onto the bed,” according to the legal document.

    She screamed and then left the house.

    The allegation was filed in bankruptcy court last year where Dykstra sought Chapter 11 protection, citing liabilities of $37.1 million and assets of $24.6 million.

    The complaint came at the deadline for the filing of “adversary actions,” which determine whether certain debts can be dismissed during bankruptcy.

    Dykstra's fall from grace as a stock market whiz were already well documented. Regardless, a bad situation just got a lot worse for the fallen Phillies legend.