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The Knicks' Chance of Getting LeBron Is Now Up to 50%

At the beginning of the year, the Knicks' chances were abou 20 percent



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    LeBron James's Best Friend
    Sure James is not a coach but if he has a favorite guy, the Bulls should hire him and tell King James about it immediately. Could be enough to swing him Chicago's way in free agency.

    The LeBron James countdown is on.

    Will the "King" become a Knick? Will he go to Chicago and join Rose and maybe Calipari? Will he go to Miami and join Wade? Will he stay in Cleveland? Nobody knows.

    If the Knicks had a 20 percent chance of getting LeBron before the playoffs began, they have a 50 percent chance now. That's because the season ended ugly for the 25 year-old superstar.

    For the first time, he heard boos in his home state. And questions have popped up everywhere. Did he tear ligaments in his right elbow? Is he ready to move on after seven years in his home state? Is he frustrated by his coach, his supporting cast -- the popcorn in Quicken Loans Arena?

    Let's face it, LeBron had an awful Game 5 against the Celtics. And he seemed less than teary-eyed after last night's Game 6 elimination in Beantown. At least he stayed around to shake hands this time around. And I'm sure "KG" enjoyed a hug.

    But here in New York we don't care about how it ended. We only care about the future. Heck, we haven't had a meaningful event in May in Madison Square Garden since Bernie Williams was a commencement speaker at a college graduation.

    If you are a Knick fan, this is your time to hope and to dream.

    And the campaigning has begun. Everyone wants Lebron. The Knicks need LeBron. Change that -- they are desperate for LeBron!

    But don't think Cleveland is going to go down without a fight. There are billboards everywhere that say. "Born Here, Raised Here, Plays Here, Stays Here."

    This is not just a basketball player we are talking about. This is Cleveland's favorite son. This is Ohio's most prized possession after Lake Erie.

    Let the battle lines be drawn. The next month and a half is going to be crazy.

    Do I think he's coming? Well this is the Mecca. And this is the best place in the world to play, for the best player on the planet. But the Knicks have only four players under contract and one of them is Eddie Curry. Some supporting cast, huh?

    So I just don't know if the King is coming to Broadway. Neither does LeBron. So we are even -- at least for now.

    Heck, it's easier handicapping tomorrow's Preakness Stakes!