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Jose Reyes Has a Hyperactive Thyroid

Shortstop is sidelined until further notice



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    Everything was going so well for the Mets. David Wright homered in his first at-bat of the spring, the team signed seasoned reliever Kiko Calero to a below-market contract and nothing had spontaneously combusted in Port St. Lucie since they arrived.

    And then came the deja vu in the form of Jose Reyes's health.

    Reyes has been diagnosed with a thyroid problem that will require further testing in New York next week. Reyes was pulled out of the lineup for the Mets' exhibition games this week because of something that showed up on a blood test and required further examination. We didn't know what it was and now we do.

    Because Reyes and the Mets said that it was nothing serious, this might seem like another case of the Mets and their medical staff dropping the ball when it comes to telling the truth but that seems like too harsh a review. Thyroid problems are fairly common and are usually treated successfully with a combination of monitoring and medication to make sure it doesn't cause any serious health problems. We don't want to speculate on what Reyes's specific problem might be, but hopefully it falls into the easily managed variety.

    If anything, then, Mets fans should be happy that this was caught now so that a treatment plan can be put into motion early and allow Reyes to be back on the field as soon as possible. The shortstop spoke to the media Friday morning and said that he's not allowed to do anything on the field until the results of further tests done Monday become available. Better safe than sorry, even if there isn't a small part of you that wishes it was a different team's medical department handling matters.

    Omar Minaya addressed Reyes's condition later on Friday and it went better than most of his press conference performances. It would have really been a bad idea to see a reporter from the Star-Ledger accused of tampering with Reyes's thyroid. Thankfully, we were able to avoid that nightmare scenario.

    Kidding aside, you've gotta feel bad for Reyes and for Mets fans who must be asking themselves what in the world can go wrong next.