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Jose Reyes Cleared to Get Back to Work

Thyroid levels drop and Reyes can return to the field



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    The Mets got the news they've been waiting for on Jose Reyes on Tuesday. The shortstop's thyroid levels have returned to normal and he's been cleared to return to baseball activities on Wednesday.

    Do not adjust your screen: This is actually good medical news concerning the New York Mets.

    Assuming Reyes's baseball activities don't leave him with another injury -- after last year, we can't rule that out -- there's a chance he'll be in the lineup when the Mets kick off their 2010 season in April.

    That's what the rest of the world calls a best case scenario and what the Mets call a miracle. Even better, Reyes isn't taking any medication and there's no expectation that the thyroid issue will return at any point in the future.

    We'll spare any jokes about the Mets doctors, because, frankly, this is too good a bit of news to sully with any thoughts that another diagnosis has been blown.

    While you'd hope they wouldn't be too aggressive with a guy who hasn't played in almost 10 months, the Amazins desperately need Reyes in the lineup. With Carlos Beltran sidelined and question marks about the offensive production available from first base, Reyes's ability to get on base will be essential for capitalizing on the power provided by Jason Bay and David Wright.

    Nothing like a piece of unexpected good news to build a little more excitement for Opening Day.