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Jets Turn to Doomsday Rhetoric in Darrelle Revis Negotiations

Woody Johnson sounds a pessimistic note



    Guess who's on the back page of The New York Post and The New York Daily News? You guessed it -- Darrelle Revis of the Jets!

    The disgruntled All-Pro cornerback remains a holdout. And the impasse between Revis and the team is getting worse by the minute.

    Today in Times Square, where HBO and Gang Green held a huge rally to announce the season premiere of the award winning show "Hard Knocks," Bruce Beck caught up with Jets Owner, Woody Johnson to talk about the Revis mess! (Published Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2010)

    The Roscoe Diner in Roscoe, N.Y. hasn't been host to many impactful moments in the history of the NFL but last Friday it was the center of the Jets universe. Mike Tannenbaum broke bread with the agents for Darrelle Revis and heard their latest pitch for a new contract. Maybe it was the coffee or maybe it was the numbers, but something left a really bad taste in Tannenbaum's mouth.

    He passed on the offer and then passed along that bad taste to owner Woody Johnson. It then came to Johnson to deliver the bad news. He was asked if he was optimistic about Revis playing for the Jets this season. "The answer is no," was all Johnson said as the screen faded to black and the announcer showed us scenes from next week's episode of "Hard Knocks." 

    Okay, so the show doesn't premiere until Wednesday but Johnson's press conference certainly had the kind of staging and ominous dialogue that would make for a compelling cliffhanger to get you to tune in again next week. The entire organization seems to have gotten the memo about the change in tone as regards discussions of Revis's status.

    Rex Ryan, who usually speaks in glowing tones about the cornerback, said Monday that the Jets are starting to plan for life without Revis. The guys who run the team website got the same memo. On Monday afternoon, an article calling rookie corner Kyle Wilson the team's new starter materialized on the site and it should go without saying that he isn't replacing Antonio Cromartie.

    Heavy stuff but let's not go overboard with the doom and gloom scenarios. Johnson talked tough about the price of PSLs at the new stadium for months before slicing the prices in an effort to get the deal done. He did that because you don't sell people on spending money for something when they think they can get it for less just by waiting a couple of weeks. The same theory applies here. If Revis thinks the Jets are serious about turning their back and moving on without him then there's a chance that he reverses course and shows up at camp. 

    It's not a very big chance but that's the dance you do during negotiations.    

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