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The 5 Reasons Why the Jets Should Get Tim Tebow

And the five reasons why the Jets should not get Tebow.



    The 5 Reasons Why the Jets Should Get Tim Tebow
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    Tim Tebow's work in last season's comeback win over the Jets seems to have left the team with a good impression.

    Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the team is discussing the prospect of a trade for the Broncos quarterback/running back/PR machine now that Peyton Manning has gone to Denver.

    Schefter says it is a longshot, but it's out there.

    In the interest of giving the report its due, we've come up with five reasons why Tebow would fit with the Jets and five reasons why this move makes no sense at all.

    5 Reasons Why the Jets Should Get Tebow

    1. There aren't many teams with offenses designed around quarterbacks who can't complete a high percentage of their passes, but the Jets have spent the last three years with Mark Sanchez under center. Clearly an inability to hit on passes doesn't eliminate Tebow from consideration.

    2. Kidding aside, Tebow has shown that he can be an effective offensive weapon for teams even though he's about as suited to be a conventional quarterback as Snooki. His running skills would fit the Jets' desire to be a rugged ground team.

    3. Following up on that, Tebow would be able to have an impact without taking over the starting job. Teams might know that you're running, but they knew he was running this year and it worked out pretty well as it did when Tony Sparano introduced the Wildcat while with the Dolphins. 

    4. As pointed out by Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk, Tebow as a Jet would create the first ever practice situation when a team would have to protect one of their defensive players from contact against a quarterback. Antonio Cromartie wasn't willing to get close to Tebow in Denver last season and it would be amusing to see if you could actually get him to take on Tebow.

    5. Just think of all the fun that the headline writers for the Post and the News could have if Tebow is a member of the Jets. And there would be plenty of headlines, which probably appeals to Woody Johnson.

    5 Reasons Why the Jets Should Not Get Tebow

    1. If the Jets wanted to come up with a challenger to Sanchez, the time to do it was before they reaffirmed their faith in him with a contract extension last week. The Jets need a backup who can be an alternative if things go badly, but Tebow would draw calls for starts because of who he is and not because of what he does on the field. 

    2. Remember how much everyone hated the circus that was last season? Multiply it by a million and you'll start getting close to the three-ring affair that would be Tebow as a Jet.

    3. The Jets have more pressing needs to fill than a player who would be, at best, an option in a package of plays that are run here and there over the course of a game. They need help at offensive line, receiver, pass rusher and safety before they need an intriguing offensive piece who doesn't really fit the offense.

    4. The two situations where Tebow makes the most sense are with teams who have a star quarterback who can't be challenged and teams who need to sell tickets more than they need to worry about their teams. The Jets fit into neither camp.

    5. If you put together the Tebow haters and the Rex Ryan haters into one group, the Jets would instantly become the most disliked team on the planet Earth. Actually, that might be a reason to get Tebow.  So let's go with a new No. 5 reason:

    5. For all of Tebow's good qualities, and he's got plenty, he simply isn't that good a quarterback when he isn't rolling left and throwing deep. Unless he's clearly coming to be a running back/tight end/PR machine, Tebow's more trouble than he's worth.

    Josh Alper is a writer living in New York City. You can follow him on Twitter and he is also a contributor to Pro Football Talk.

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