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Jets Give Their Fans a Much-Needed Break With Bye



    Jets Give Their Fans a Much-Needed Break With Bye
    Bill Kostroun
    Jets head coach Todd Bowles is ecstatic (can't you tell?) about not having to watch his team play this Sunday.

    The Jets are off this week (you could argue they were actually off the past few weeks as well), which means their loyal fans won’t have to be 10 things.

    1. Troubled with trying to figure out who will start at QB on Sunday -- troubled being the operative word. Usually a QB controversy burdens a coach with the difficult task of determining which guy is better. Todd Bowles is deciding between who is less bad. 

    2. Watching Ryan Fitzpatrick throw the ball to the other team -- especially in the second half, when Fitz apparently feels the need to share the pigskin like he’s getting a jumpstart on the holiday gift-giving. 

    3. Banging their heads against their coffee tables after Gang Green finishes another loss with twice as many turnovers as they force, as they’ve done all season. 

    Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

    4. Struggling through the opponent’s roster in an attempt to discover which anonymous receiver is going to burn Darrelle Revis -- and picking up said WR for their respective fantasy teams. 

    5. Crossing their fingers as Nick Folk lines up for an extra point. Hey Nick, it’s a 30-yarder. It shouldn’t be an adventure, except maybe in Pop Warner. 

    6. Wondering when Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson will actually get in the game, and if they bothered to show up on time to practice all week. Guys, you know, nowadays you don’t even need an alarm clock to wake up on time. Get this -- you can do it right on your phone! Guys, I’m talking to you. Guys? Oh well, I’m sure they’ll be up by 4 p.m. next Sunday to play the Patriots. 

    7. Waiting for Chan Gailey to put in a play that features the tight end. Wait, do the Jets even have a TE? 

    8. Attempting to diagnose how recent addition C.J. Spiller has fallen off the football map at age 29 and with only 700 career rushing attempts. Just a few years ago in Buffalo, Spiller was a dazzling talent who could do it all and was a long-distance threat every time he touched the ball. Now, he’s returning kicks with all the explosiveness of a senior citizen carrying an anvil on his back. 

    9. Fuming over the incredible success of the Cowboys’ Dak Prescott, who GM Mike Maccagnan passed on in last spring’s draft so he could choose Christian Hackenberg, who is so unready to play that his name never even gets mentioned when discussing the QB situation. If you’re keeping score at home, that’s two fourth-rounders (Prescott and Petty, who was drafted there in 2015) on the field while Hackenberg can’t get off the bench. 

    10. Mourning the loss of the injured Eric Decker. Without the league’s best No. 2 receiver playing opposite him, Brandon Marshall’s play has spiraled downward -- from elite to ordinary -- as defenses are able to focus their attention on him. Marshall has been targeted 91 times this season, yet has just 43 receptions. Of course, look at who is throwing him those passes. 

    There’s so much you won’t have to do on Sunday, Jets fans. Wait, what are you gonna do?

    Pete Zwiebach writes about the Jets for Zwiebach lives in New York City with his wife and two kids, who without fail manage to block his view of the TV whenever a game-changing play occurs.