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Jets Decide It's Wise to Poke the Tiger in the Cage

Revis, Cromartie slam Moss for his effort in earlier game



    Jets Decide It's Wise to Poke the Tiger in the Cage
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    Perhaps there's a method to the madness being perpetrated by Jets corners Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis this week.

    The two Jets corners have decided that it is in their best interests to tell anyone within earshot that Randy Moss acted like Garfield when he comes across a sunny spot during the game against the Patriots earlier this season. Revis said that Moss put his foot on the brake during the second half of the game while Cromartie, who had his finest hour of the season in that second half, slammed the new Viking for his nonchalant attitude.

    Everything the two men says is true, so we have no issue with their honesty, it's just that there are times when you're better served by sprinkling a little sugar on top. Revis surely recalls what happened before Moss put his foot on the brake. That was when he caught a one-handed touchdown strike after beating Revis down the field and, not coincidentally, that was the last time we've seen Revis in a uniform. Moss admitted he was excited to play against Revis because the Jets corner called him a slouch after their 2009 matchups and proved that a little motivation can be a dangerous thing.

    It's curious, then, that Revis and Cromartie would choose to highlight Moss's failings once again. The dog that got himself run out of Boston is the player that you want to face on Monday night, because when Moss feels like playing he is still one of the most talented players in all of football. He was likely going to be amped up just because of the trade, but why assure yourself of his full effort?

    That brings us back to the potential method behind the madness. Perhaps Cromartie and Revis are something out of Greek mythology, the kind of men who only want the greatest of challenges because they believe there is nothing noble about gaining victory against anything less than the best of competition. It's not necessarily the best recipe for winning football games, but there's something to be said for that kind of spirit.

    It helps that the guy throwing passes to Moss is Brett Favre. Should Cromartie and Revis be up to the task of shadowing the erstwhile Patriot, they will likely come away with a few interceptions.

    "I'm like everyone else, I'm watching the Monday night game [against Miami] and I'm like, 'He's only been thrown to one time?' So what if he's covered? That's the thing about Randy. So what if he's covered? But does that mean you just throw to him when you've got four other guys that are wide open? "

    As anyone around in 2008 will remember, Favre's got his own take on football nobility and it involves answering yes to that final question.

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