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Jerry Seinfeld Is Calling Wednesday Night's Mets Game

There's no shortage of material for Seinfeld to talk about on Wednesday night



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    Keith Hernandez and Jerry Seinfeld

    As far as Wednesdays go, it's going to be pretty tough to top the one we're living through right now.  

    Landon Donovan's 91st-minute goal sent the U.S. soccer team, who have yet to find a situation they couldn't make as dramatic as possible, to the next stage of the World Cup. Lawrence Taylor's been indicted on rape charges, President Obama sent the leader of our forces in Afghanistan packing and Elliot Spitzerreturned to the public eye. Through it all, John Isner and Nicolas Mahut kept playing the longest tennis match in the history of the sport at Wimbledon.

    We're a disgraced former athlete killing his wife and trying to escape away from making a documentary of the day. No wonder the planet felt the need to shimmy, shudder and shake itself into a tizzy up Canada way.

    All of the activity threatens to overshadow what should be a fun little night at Citi Field. The Mets are hosting "Mets Fans Go Gaga for Wright" night to help drum up All-Star votes for David Wright while also having a bit of a laugh about the spectacle Lady Gaga made of herself when she visited the stadium a couple of weeks ago. The first 20,000 fans will receive foam fingers, though not the middle one that Gaga herself flashed to the crowd, that read "Make Wright #1." 

    Clever idea and it should give some good material to the special guest broadcaster that will invade the SNY booth for three innings. Jerry Seinfeld, whose luxury box hosted Gaga during her infamous visit, will reunite with Keith Hernandez to call some of the game and, hopefully, elicit an "I'm Keith Hernandez" from the Mets' usual color guy. Ron Darling, the other ex-Met in the booth, told WFAN that he was offered the role but turned it down last week, a story we'd like to hear more about while holding fast to the belief that it was one of the more serendipitous moments in the history of the world's greatest sitcom.

    Seinfeld has already weighed in on Gaga's appearances at both Citi and Yankee Stadium, although he'll surely have more to say about it thanks to the Mets' promotion. You can also expect some observational humor about R.A. Dickey's knuckleball, Gary Cohen's occasionally irrational excitability behind the mike -- "Did you ever notice the way Gary treats a relatively unimportant regular season game like it was the Apollo moon landing?" -- and, perhaps, the unlikelihood of Tigers reliever Fu-Te Ni's name.  

    With everything that's gone on today plus Stephen Strasburg's fourth big league start, the Mets will likely be relegated to the margins. At least they'll be having a good time while they're doing it.