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Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50

The Panthers battle the Broncos at Levi's Stadium on Feb. 7

Here Comes A Very Manly Super Bowl Pick

It's time.



    Here Comes A Very Manly Super Bowl Pick
    It's time to man up and choose a victor.

    Time to man up and pick this Super Bowl. The great thing about making a Super Bowl pick and getting it right is that you can totally brag about it for the entire offseason without letting people know A) That you lost oceans of money on other bets during the season and B) That you picked the Colts to win this game back in August. I picked the Jets and Bucs to play in this game before the season began. You think I'm disclosing that to anyone? NUH NUH. I'm no fool, except when picking NFL games. Here we go.

    Giants/Pats: This Patriots team isn't better than the one that choked away a perfect season against the Giants back in Super Bowl 42. The defense is worse. The running game is spotty. Even Tom Brady, Hall of Famer that he is, has had his rotten moments. He was outplayed by Joe Flacco in the AFC title game, and if Eli Manning does likewise on Sunday, New England WILL lose. Of course, you never know when Brady will rise up and throw for eight TD passes in a single half. He tends to do that when he's properly motivated (witness his game against the Broncos three weeks ago), and Lord knows he'll be primed to avenge Super Bowl 42.

    The problem is this Giants' pass rush. That's the reason New York pulled off that historic upset, and you could argue that this defensive line is even better than the one that crushed Brady way back when. And this Pats' o-line isn't as good as it was five years ago. You CAN get to Brady, as the Ravens proved. With Rob Gronkowski playing hurt (I'm sure he'll play, but he clearly won't be 100%), Brady's options will be limited to Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez and not much else. I think Brady takes his licks, turns the ball over a few times, and then Eli and Victor Cruz take advantage. Of course, perhaps this is wishful thinking. Perhaps it'll be the Pats' pass rush that brings down Eli (he was sacked often against the Niners), with Brady and company jumping on the opportunity for ring #4. Given that I'm about to pick the Giants, that's probably the more likely scenario. Oh, well. GIANTS 30, PATS 20.