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Hall Of A Career

Legendary high school coach Bob Hurley Sr. is heading to the basketball Hall of Fame



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    With the Final Four in Indianapolis this weekend, and the cinderella Butler Bulldogs threatening to turn March Madness on it's head, it was probably easy to overlook the 10 new inductees into the Naismith Hall of Fame.

    Sure, there's Karl Malone, the NBA's second all-time leading scorer. 

    Sure, there's Scottie Pippen, he of the 6 NBA titles.

    And oh yeah, there's also the 1992 Dream Team, the squad that demolished all comers in Barcelona at the Olympic games.

    But if you sift through the 10 names, the one that might fall through the cracks, just might be the most decorated of this year's inductees - Bob Hurley Sr.

    If the surname sounds familiar, it is.  His son Bobby led Duke to back-to-back national titles in 1991 (fittingly in Indy) and 1992.  But enough about Junior, back to Senior.

    The head coach of tiny St. Anthony High School in Jersey City, Hurley becomes just the third high school coach inducted into the hall.  But none are more deserving

    In 38 seasons on the sidelines, Hurley has amassed 984 wins, 24 state titles, and 2 national titles.  150 of his former players have received college scholarships, and 5 of those have been selected in the first round of the NBA Draft (including his son).  Not bad considering the Friars don't even have a home gymnasium.

    Standing next to Pippen on stage today, the 62 year old former probation officer might have looked a bit out of place.  But come August 13, they will both be equals.  Come August 13, they will both be Hall of Famers.