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Case Closed: Favre Gently Fined for Failure to Cooperate

The NFL gives up on trying to get Favre to talk



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    Quarterback Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings is attended to after being sacked by the Chicago Bears at TCF Bank Stadium on December 20, 2010 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    Take note, NFL players of the world. If you (allegedly) decide to make casually harassing phone calls to a team employee and then (allegedly) send that same employee a photo of you naked from the waist down (SEXY), the NFL front office will NOT suspend you. Wednesday morning, FOX’s Jay Glazer reported that Vikings QB and future empty shell of a man Brett Favrewould be fined for his incident with Jenn Sterger, but not suspended.  

    The league wanted to make a ruling before the end of the season, but did not want to do it on New Year's.

    Yes, because New Year’s would be ruined if I knew Brett Favre had to shell out a few grand for whipping out his junk on camera. Wednesday afternoon, the NFL announced that it had fined Favre $50,000 "for his failure to cooperate with the investigation in a forthcoming manner."

    It’s amazing that we had to wait until now for a judgment to come down on this stupid thing. The report about Favre surfaced on Deadspin all the way back in October, and the League spent nearly three months “investigating” the matter, which seems like an awful long time to investigate a man’s nude photos of himself. I’m not saying the League office maybe has a thing for Favre, but he’s certainly engendered the affections of thousands of middle-aged announcers the world over now, hasn’t he?

    And so this story comes to an end much like Favre’s season will: It was a matter that garnered a great deal of attention, only to not have much substance to it.