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Gilbert Arenas Gets a Taste of Prison



    Gilbert Arenas Reports to Jail

    Gilbert Arenas will spend two days in jail before going to a halfway house. (Published Saturday, April 10, 2010)

    Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas began serving his sentence Friday night for bringing guns into the team's locker room.

    According to Arthur Wallenstein, director of Montgomery County Corrections, Arenas arrived at the Montgomery County jail at 7:40 p.m. Arenas must spend two days there for medical screening and classification before being transferred to the county's Pre-Release Center, a halfway house.

    Arenas was sentenced March 26 to 30 days in a halfway house for bringing weapons into the Verizon Center. Corrections officials in Montgomery County agreed to let him serve his sentence there, as part of an agreement with the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.

    "Any prisoner coming in like this is processed, reviewed, interviewed, checked out, check their mental health, check their health status, see how they're doing, and they remain here in custody for the better part of two days, and then they're transported routinely, without cuffs or anything else to a work release facility," Wallenstein said.

    They also get a taste of what real jail is like.

    At the halfway house, Arenas will have a 10-by-10 room without cable television. He'll be required to do his own laundry, assist with cleaning and other chores, and adhere to a curfew.

    "In our system they're very strict," Wallenstein said. "It can involve tests for alcohol, tests for drugs, attendance at groups. The normal things you would do, frankly in a tightly controlled community correctional program."

    Arenas pleaded guilty to a felony gun charge in January, and has been suspended until the end of the season by the NBA.

    Arenas also received two years of probation, a $5,000 fine and 400 hours of community service that can't be performed at basketball clinics.

    "Our thoughts are always with him. We're glad that it's going to be done, and he'll be able to move on," Washington coach Flip Saunders said after the Wizards' 106-96 victory in Boston on Friday night.

    Wizards guard Shaun Livingtson also commented on Arenas.

    "He is who he is for a reason," Livingston said. "He's done so much for this team. I have nothing but positive things to say about him. But all I can do is focus on me."

    Andray Blatche looked forward to Arenas' return.

    "Gil's going to come back next season humble," Blatche said. "We miss him and we can't wait to have him back."