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Giants Mostly Ignore the TV Debut of the Jets

With one exception, the Giants kept their mind on football



    Giants Mostly Ignore the TV Debut of the Jets
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    It's not hard to see why the Jets could wind up being about as hated as any team in the NFL when their run on HBO is up in a few weeks.

    Their willingness to publicly flap their gums and flex their muscles isn't for every taste and you'd think that the team that shares their stadium would be one of the first to lose their patience with Rex Ryan and company.

    Check back next episode. Vinny DiTrani of the Record spoke to a bunch of Giants, including general manager Jerry Reese and Eli Manning, and they all claimed to have found other things to do on Wednesday night. Owner John Mara expressed a similarly blase attitude about the premiere of the new show.

    We don't doubt any of those findings, although it seems odd that there'd be absolutely no interest in seeing what the other guys are up to. The Giants strenously put forth an image of being above everything that isn't football, usually with an undertone of being the yin to every Jets yang, but they have to have at least noticed the drastic change in the football landscape over the last 16 months.

    The Jets have seen a rapid rise in their visibility and actively worked to stoke it while the Giants have been content to be the quiet kids with their noses stuck in the books.

    As the Giants would be the first to tell you, nothing is won during the offseason and all the words in Webster's don't amount to anything more than words. Still, there's something about so studied and uniform a response that whispers that someone might be protesting a bit too much.

    Thank heavens for Pat Hanlon, then. The Giants V.P. of Communications spent the evening on his Twitter account -- backgrounded by the very un-V.P. of Communications message that "Talk is Cheap, Play the Game" -- and made more than one snide reference to the team being profiled on premium cable. 

    As Greg Aiello of the NFL pointed out, HBO would be wise to keep some cameras on Hanlon during Monday night's game because he seems to be the only one willing to admit that sharing close quarters with the NFL's flavor of the month actually elicits a reaction.

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