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NJ Tailor Keeps Giants in Sunday Best

The shop cleans and repairs the team uniforms each week.



    NJ Tailor Keeps Giants in Sunday Best

    You might think Big Blue would play in new uniforms every week, but they just look that way, thanks to one New Jersey shop that keeps the Giants in their Sunday best.

    Barry Barone, his wife, Kathie, and daughter-in-law, Jennifer, toil away at Park Cleaners in Rutherford, N.J. -- the team tailor for nearly 30 years.

    Each week, they clean and repair all the team uniforms.

    “I like to think they can’t play a game without us,” said Barone.

    Each player has particular requests.

    “For Eli we’ll shorten his jersey, put elastic in the bottom to keep it snug to his waist, and then you have Osi, who likes a little extra room on the sides,” Barone said.

    On Friday, the team was prepping jerseys for the past Super Bowl champs who will take part in the coin toss Sunday.

    Over the years Park Cleaners has picked up the Jets and … shhhh ... the Philadelphia Eagles too as clients. But of course they root for the locals.

    “If the Jets were in, we’d be pulling for both of them,” Barone said, “but we’re really pulling for the Giants right now.”

    If the Giants win on Sunday, the team at Park Cleaners has a week to sew the Super Bowl patch onto every player’s jersey.

    “If they win this game it will be a big project for us to get everything done in a week, all cleaned up, patches put on everything,” Barone said.

    Cleanup after the 49ers won't be easy

    Their real grass field and playoff paint mean stubborn stains, but the Barones say it's welcome work if the Giants are Super Bowl bound.