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Fred Wilpon Wants Omar Minaya Back With the Mets

Mets owner sees advisory role for ousted general manager



    Fred Wilpon Wants Omar Minaya Back With the Mets
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    What is it about New York sports owners and their inability to cut ties with men who helped drive their teams into a ditch? 

    We've barely been able to go a week without hearing about how Isiah Thomas and James Dolan are still close enough buddies that it would be silly to rule out a return to the Garden for the man who brought us Jerome James and the Stephon Marbury/Steve Francis backcourt of dreams. It's like Dolan has some serious animosity and absolutely no respect for the people who pour money down his goateed gullet, even as his team makes its way back to the sunny side of the street.

    In a stunning turn of events, Fred Wilpon has seen what Dolan is up to and decided that he wants to break off a piece of that for himself. The Mets owner gave a speech at a Police Athletic League benefit on Thursday in which he expressed a desire to bring Omar Minaya back into an advisory role with the Mets.

    "I think Omar is a very good man and a very good person also," Wilpon said. "I think [finding] the right position for Omar is going to be helpful for Omar and helpful for this organization."

    Fred Wilpon: "We're A Better Ballclub."

    [NY] Fred Wilpon: "We're A Better Ballclub."
    Mets owner Fred Wilpon, speaking to Bruce Beck at the PAL Dinner, discusses the team's much maligned budget, the hope that the team's underachieving stars will return to form, and his commitment to the team's long suffering fans.
    (Published Monday, Jan. 31, 2011)

    Who knew Wilpon had such a good sense of humor? When is the next Friars Club roast? Wait, you mean he was actually serious?

    There is one way where Minaya could be helpful to the organization in an advisory role. Give him an office at team headquarters with a phone line that can only accept incoming calls from Sandy Alderson. Alderson only uses that phone when the Mets are sitting on the fence about making a deal. We see the conversation going a little like this.

    SA: Omar, we're at a crossroads over here and could use your sage advice.

    OM: Hold on one sec, Sandy, I'm busy watching Tony Bernazard take his shirt off so he can threaten 19-year-old minor leaguers. (Pause) What a great guy! Now I've just got to accuse a reporter of asking me tough questions so he can take my job. (Pause) Okay, shoot.

    SA: We were thinking of trading Ike Davis for Felix Hernandez, a lifetime supply of Pyramid Hefeweizen and 14,000,000 frequent flier miles. Do you think we should do it?

    OM: No way! That trade is DUMB. Why would you ever trade a first baseman for a starting pitcher? Thank god you called me Sandy, otherwise this franchise would be RUINED.

    SA: Thanks, Omar. (Hangs up, turns to others in the room) Let's make the deal, it passed the Omar test!

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