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Fast Start Would Be a Nice Change for the Giants

Giants keep digging holes for themselves in the first half



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    Over the last three weeks, we've spent a lot of time discussing the Giants' penchant for collapsing in the second halves of seasons. Perhaps we should have concentrated more on the first halves of games.

    The Giants have gotten outscored 49-15 before halftime of the last three games, continuing a season-long struggle to get out to an early lead. Once you eliminate the farce that was the game against the Seahawks from the equation, they've been outscored 132-104 for the season. The fact that they've won two games that they've trailed at halftime is laudable, but it's not exactly the best path to take to find success in the final crucial weeks of the season.

    It's strange that the Giants continue to have this problem. They talk a lot about knowing who they are as a football team and imposing their will on the opposition, but every week finds them playing a passive role for the first 30 minutes and then making adjustments at halftime. Again, it's great that they can make those adjustments but each of the most recent losses could have been avoided with a more concerted effort from the opening kickoff.

    You might argue that the Giants are forced into this kind of position by the injuries that have swamped their offense, but that's really more of an excuse than a reason. They scored on their first drive for the first time all year against the Jaguars which means the problem goes well beyond the missing players. No one is walking through that door before Sunday, but the Redskins are missing two starting defensive backs and the Giants have nothing stopping them from coming out and being aggressive instead of playing scared.

    Let's hope they do because who knows what nonsense Antrel Rolle will start spouting if the Meadowlands crowd registers its displeasure this week. He's set the bar awfully high by comparing himself to a soldier returning from Iraq, so we shudder to think what victim of a historical atrocity he'll be using in his next woe-is-me bit of business.

    And, yes, we're aware that Rolle issued what people are calling an apology for his comments. The first person to find the words "I'm sorry" within that incredibly wordy, probably written by someone else statement of anything but apology wins free tickets to Sunday's game.

    Maybe Rolle is legitimately remorseful about his words. A good way to show it would be to light a fire under his and his teammates' rears against the Redskins.

    Josh Alper is a writer living in New York City and is a contributor to and in addition to his duties for You can follow him on Twitter.

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