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Eli Manning Gets MRI -- But Hopeful for Next Sunday

Giants QB is a quick "heeler"



    Eli Manning Gets MRI -- But Hopeful for Next Sunday
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    Quarterback Eli Manning scrambles during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs on October 4. Hopefully he'll be able to do the same thing versus the Raiders next week.

    Good news for Giants fans -- Eli Manning's heel is sore but should not keep him from playing in Sunday's home game versus Oakland.

    We met with Manning Monday afternoon, and his foot was not wrapped and he did not limp noticeably when he walked off to the showers.

    "It doesn't feel any worse today than it did yesterday," Manning told NBC New York. "I think that's a good sign and hopefully it gets better everyday."

    Manning was scheduled to have an MRI later in the afternoon for precautionary reasons.

    "Nothing to be worried about," he said, shrugging off the test.

    The Giants' franchise quarterback was injured in the fourth quarter of yesterday's win over Kansas City, suffering what was called a bruised heel after planting his foot on the grass field and stumbling -- despite the fact no player made contact with him.

    He left the game moments later -- after throwing a touchdown pass to Hakeem Nicks.

    It is too early to guarantee anyone that Eli will play on Sunday, but considering how he looked today and his reputation for being a quick healer -- I would expect him to extend his streak to 76 consecutive starts.