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No Vick at Eagles' Animal Welfare Summit



    No Vick at Eagles' Animal Welfare Summit
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    Don't look for Vick to show up at the get together between Eagles representatives and animal rights advocates.

    Talk about timing.

    The Philadelphia Eagles (sans Michael Vick) will meet with representatives from local animal-welfare groups Monday evening, according to The Delaware County Times.

    And the get together comes one day after the Pennsylvania SPCA busted a dogfighting ring in Germantown. PSPCA officers found two dead dogs in the house and five others, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. Three men face charges in the case.

    "The dogs were all scarred," George Bengal, Director of Law Enforcement for the PSPCA told the Inquirer. "One appeared to have been in a real recent fight…He was still bleeding."

    It's a reminder of the viciousness Vick was involved in before he was suspended from the NFL and before he spent 18 months in federal prison for the dogfighting ring he bankrolled.

    “I know I've done some terrible things, made a horrible mistake. Now I want to be part of the solution and not the problem,'' Vick said during his first Philadelphia press conference.

    One week after signing second-chance Vick, the Eagles put out invites for tonight's session at the NovaCare complex.

    "We're not sure what to expect," said Gail Luciani, Chief Public Relations Officer for the PSPCA. "The key really, is that nothing that happens tonight is going to change our mission day-in and day-out," she said. "We are on the ground daily fighting animal abuse, neglect and cruelty in the city of Philadelphia."

    And they've taken the "second chance" theme the Eagles used to justify Vick's signing to launch their 2nd Chance Dogs campaign.

    "We believe that if anyone deserves a second chance, it is these wonderful, wonderful dogs," said Luciani.