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Darrelle Revis Gets His First Big Test This Weekend

Revis's return has gone well, but Calvin Johnson is a step up in class



    Darrelle Revis Gets His First Big Test This Weekend
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    There wasn't much to like about the 9-0 loss to the Packers on Sunday, but the Jets can take some joy in the fact that it looked like Darrelle Revis is back in form.

    The cornerback's hamstring problems were nowhere in sight as he helped force Aaron Rodgers into a miserable day throwing the ball. It looked like the same guy who established his own island fiefdom last season and that's worth a smile even when the rest of the team crashes and burns in such spectacular fashion.

    Revis's return to fitness came right in time for a matchup with the kind of receiver that made his holdout such a big deal in the first place. Calvin Johnson, a.k.a. Megatron, is waiting in Detroit for Sunday's matchup with Revis and it should be an awfully good one. 

    Johnson, despite playing with three different quarterbacks this season, has caught eight touchdowns already this season. At 6'5" and 239 pounds, he's nearly impossible for any cornerback to guard straight up so it will be interesting to see how the Jets choose to approach him come Sunday. 

    They could and probably will give Revis some safety help, but the rest of the Lions tight ends and receivers will demand attention from the team's defensive backs as well. Detroit has thrown the ball 145 more times than they've ran it and they might not even bother trying to get the ground game moving against a Jets defense that hasn't offered much to opposing running backs this season.

    That would seem to set up well for them, but it would be nice to see the Jets start generating a more consistent pass rush to help their defensive backs do the job. One of the big differences between the Packers and the Jets last Sunday was the way Green Bay got pressure on Mark Sanchez while using just three or four men. The Jets haven't found a way to do that this season, which has helped the opposition convert a high overall percentage of their third downs.

    Not that they'll get the credit for doing anything if Johnson is quiet on Sunday. Revis will be the beneficiary of all praise because he's the guy who has been deemed the key to the defense. It's probably just fine with the rest of the defenders if that happens because a quiet day for Megatron almost certainly means a win for the Jets.

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