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Brian Schottenheimer Won't Shuffle Off to Buffalo

Offensive coordinator declines interview with Bills



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    Looks like Mark Sanchez and Brian Schottenheimer will have time to develop the Jets' offense after all.

    There's plenty to like about what's going on with the Jets right now, but the best part of all may be that this playoff run feels like an appetizer for the main course of seasons to come. Young players blossoming, a first-year head coach showing that he's not all bluster and a front office willing to spend treasure on big moves combine to make your mouth water about what the next few years will hold for the Jets.

    Brian Schottenheimer is providing more reason to believe that the future is bright for Gang Green. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the offensive coordinator has turned down a chance to interview for the head coaching job with the Bills now and after the season. That means Mark Sanchez won't have to learn a new offense moments after he finally got this one under control and it means that the Jets can get right to work on next year whenever this one comes to an end.

    That should make Jets fans feel as good as the recent work turned in by Schottenheimer. This quote should make them feel even better.

    "For the first time in three years, I'm really, really happy. I'm happy working for Rex. I love the area. I love the Jets fans. I love what we've done. I love the guys on our roster."

    You don't need a doctorate in reading between the lines to glean some idea of what it was like working for Eric Mangini from that quote. Nor does it take much advanced education to understand that Schottenheimer may be learning something stylistically from Rex Ryan. Neither Mangini nor his father Marty bowled you over with personality the way that Ryan does, and he'll only be a better coach for learning from as many different schools as possible.

    Above all, Schottenheimer's decision shows that, unless your name is Lane Kiffin, taking a job simply to get ahead isn't the best career move. A Buffalo team that needs just about everything is a lot less appealing than a job that might be open a year from now, especially when the interim year gives you a chance to put a burnish on your résumé by continuing the job of turning Sanchez into a top-flight quarterback.

    The Jets hope that's how things work out, because it's hard to imagine they'll have Schottenheimer on the staff too much longer.