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Big Drew Reps Cabal of Cats Fans -- or Not

If fans can't afford season tix, how are they paying for Drew Rosenhaus? Oh, right: they aren't.



    Big Drew Reps Cabal of Cats Fans -- or Not
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    The beaming face of Panthers fans! Or just publicity.

    Thursday morning, Miami's own NFL ruiner superagent Drew Rosenhausleft an interesting nugget on his twitter page:

    I have been hired by the fans of the NHL's Florida Panthers to negotiate lower season ticket prices. I will keep you posted on the outcome.

    Yeah, sure, ooookay; that's not instantly suspicious.  If there is some cabal of Panthers fans upset about the prices of season tickets, there would certainly have to be a lot of them to afford Drew Rosenhaus (and we know there aren't that many).  If there were, and they are angry enough to hire a lawyer, why haven't we heard about it?  Why aren't even the message boards aware?  It's also known that few fans have had to pay face value for tickets this year, so what's the urgency all of a sudden?  And who'd Rosenhaus be "negotiating" with, anyway?  The ownership is in flux even this week.

    But not too in flux to issue their own twitter response

    Drew Rosenhaus contracted by Panthers fans to negotiate lower season ticket prices. We are aware and have no further comment at this time.

    Unaware?  Unlikely.  Later, with a press release from KCBS Marketing, the jig was up. 

    "Drew is working with us," said Matt Sacco, the Panther's PR director, "and the premise of the marketing campaign is that he has been hired by Panthers fans to renegotiate season-ticket pricing with the club.  He was here yesterday to film two TV commercials and a couple of radio spots, and be involved in a couple of print ads. The campaign is launching next Tuesday, but we're starting it now virally."

    It would have been a win-win situation if it wasn't so obvious: they would have lowered prices anyway to keep fans coming while Florida continues to be... not good; using Rosenhaus not only alerts the entire world to their benevolence but makes them appear willing to listen to fans and "connected to the community," which was the major knock against Alan Cohen's group.  And Rosenhaus gets to look like a champion for the common fan.

    Now, it's just sort of eye-roll-worthy.  But don't blame us for being jaded where anything Rosenhausian is concerned.  We follow his twitter, after all.

    Janie Campbell would like Drew Rosenhaus to either shut up or get to work on gas prices. Her work has appeared in irreverent sports sites around the Internet.