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Better Late Than Never: Darrelle Revis Signs With Jets

Revis is guaranteed $32 million over four years



    Better Late Than Never: Darrelle Revis Signs With Jets
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    Darrelle Revis, a holdout no more.

    In the end, it's fitting that the summerlong nightmare holdout of Darrelle Revis ended on Labor Day. What better way to celebrate a holiday for the working man than by giving one of them $32 million?

    That's what Revis is guaranteed over the next four years, a number well beyond what he was guaranteed under his old deal and more than the Jets were thought to want to give him in this contract. The total value of the deal is $46 million, significantly lower than the $15.1 million that Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha will make. That number loomed as an obstacle to this deal all offseason since the Jets wanted it to be an outlier that didn't relate to the Revis situation and Revis wanted it to be a starting point.

    Take the two issues -- guaranteed money and total money -- together and you'll find that this is a perfect compromise because both sides wound up blinking to get it done. Revis or someone in his camp had to realize that, unlike Asomugha, he wasn't a free agent and didn't have the kind of leverage to get those kinds of numbers. The Jets will find themselves on the hook should something happen to Revis physically, but it's the kind of risk you have to take when you believe you are a Super Bowl team.

    The deal actually runs seven years, but there's about as much chance of it running to completion as there is of Rex Ryan running a marathon to completion. This deal will be a placeholder until Revis and the team come to agreement on a bigger deal down the line or, less optimistically, something creates a split between player and team down the road. It's unfortunate it took so long to come up with a stopgap, but probably inevitable given the way things played out on both sides.

    Now, finally, we can stop worrying and start anticipating what the Jets defense will look like with Revis Island back on the field. It's a nice thought that should carry everyone through the week without much trouble. Revis, Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson should provide the kind of coverage that lets Ryan send blitzers from every possible direction, including a few that we haven't even dreamed of yet.

    Will he be rusty? Probably, but it would be a shock if Revis isn't on the field on the first play against the Ravens next Monday night. His presence means too much on a big night for the team and it means far too much to the people laying out big money in that new stadium to let him do anything but play his way into shape on the field. Cromartie and Wilson can do more of the heavy lifting, if necessary, so that Revis is fully ready to go for the Patriots in Week Two.

    And, on top of it all, "Hard Knocks" got itself one helluva season finale. Everybody wins! 

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