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Ahmad Bradshaw: Give Me the Damn Ball

Bradshaw wants more carries against the Rams.



    Ahmad Bradshaw: Give Me the Damn Ball
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    This picture does not support Bradshaw's plea.

    The extra day of rest before Monday's game with the Rams seems like a good thing for the many Giants trying to heal from their wounds.

    It might be a bad thing for the cohesiveness of the team, however. Ahmad Bradshaw became the latest member of the squad to express his displeasure with the good ship Giants and the extra day might just mean everyone has a chance to air their grievances.

    Bradshaw's problem is with Kevin Gilbride's playcalling. In particular, he has a problem with the fact that the team ran the ball only seven times in the second half against the Redskins.

    "I don’t want to see nothing like that," Bradshaw said. "We love to run the ball, and I think we have the best backs in the league."

    Bradshaw makes a lot of sense. The Giants passing game was not clicking in the least against the Redskins and the defense wasn't doing much to stop Rex Grossman, but the team kept on putting the ball in Eli Manning's hands instead of trying to work clock and get their footing on offense.

    That said, it isn't as cut and dry as Bradshaw makes it seem. He got swamped twice on key short-yardage runs that would have extended drives and given the team some much needed momentum when they had the ball.

    Not that he blamed himself for any of the problems.

    "The linemen can solve it all by getting off the ball quicker and getting to their blocks a lot quicker."

    If Bradshaw can't do the job when the team needs it the most, why would they keep on giving it to him? Confidence comes from competence and the Giants had none of the latter during their loss to the 'Skins. 

    Beyond any questions about offensive balance, Bradshaw's comments continue an unfortunate response to the season-opening loss by the Giants. Gilbride made it clear Thursday that he didn't think much of Jerry Reese's work when it came to putting together the roster, Antrel Rolle did his own two-step over the wreckage earlier in the week and Osi Umenyiora lurks somewhere with all of his anger toward the team.

    Compare that to the way the Cowboys circled around Tony Romo after Romo's disastrous fourth quarter on Sunday night and you have to wonder if you aren't looking at a replay of the 2009 season when the Giants bickered and finger-pointed their way to an 8-8 season. There are enough talent problems with the team that the last thing they need is an ability to come together and pull on the same rope.

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