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A-Rod's Got a Brand New Blonde: Report



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    Elaine Spottswood, 25, has reportedly been hanging out with A-Rod.

    Kate who? Not long after Kate Hudson reportedly ended ties with Alex Rodriguez over the Yankees slugger's alleged continuing infatuation with Madonna, A-Rod was seen partying with a new babelicious blonde in Florida, according to published reports.

    Elaine Spottswood certainly appears to meet A-Rod's standards, if her Facebook photo (above) is any indication.

    The 25-year-old University of Florida grad and real estate big shot was reportedly seen with the Bronx bomber just before the holidays in Coral Gables and again over New Year's in Caso de Campo, according to the Miami Herald.

    Spottswood's sister and A-Rod's brother reportedly joined the emerging couple on the latter occasion, the Herald reports.

    The blonde babe's Facebook page lists her employment as a design consultant for Spottswood Inc., the national real estate firm owned by her family, but the Herald says she works as a commercial tenant representative for Howard Ecker + Company in Miami. 

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