Voters Take Bloomberg to the Cleaners

Do the math -- the mayor waaaay over paid for this election. Sucker.


Its estimated that Bloomberg will have spent at least $100 million on his third-term re-election campaign by the time all the bills tallied, while defeated challenger shelled out only about $6 million.

So, in this city where everyone appreciates a good deal, and no one ever wants to pay retail, what value did the two mayoral contenders get for their money?

The Daily News’ sharp political reporter Adam Lisberg crunched the numbers rather quickly and determined that Bloomberg spent about $151.27 per vote for his 557,059 ballots and William Thompson paid only $13.12 per person for his 509,717 votes. 

Billy, that’s what we call a bargain.

Of course, those tallies don’t include absentee ballots, but either way it seems that even if Thompson didn’t win the mayor’s race, he did win the price war.

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