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NYC Mayor Race: 3 Weeks Before Election Day, Curtis Sliwa Amps Up Attacks on Eric Adams

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With three weeks remaining in the race for mayor, Republican nominee Curtis Sliwa is trying to make some noise and prove doubters wrong, while also taking aim at his opponent.

"Don't diminish me, don't say I have no chance. I've been David vs. goliath all my life," he said on Tuesday in Upper Manhattan. The underdog in the race for mayor insists that he's got the right recipe to win, despite an overwhelming registration advantage for Democrats in the city.

Sliwa, one day after marching in the Italian American Heritage Parade (which Eric Adams skipped), slammed the Democratic nominee for taking vacations and going to parties in recent weeks.

"He's in nightclubs at night, he's getting wined and dined in the Hamptons," Sliwa said.

Meanwhile, Adams was at a Brownsville community garden in the afternoon. The avowed vegan pledged to make healthy foods more readily available if he is elected mayor.

"Our children are growing up believing ketchup is a vegetable. We need to change this mindset," Adams said.

He also downplayed any notion that he's not preparing or running his campaign.

"We have two debates, that's what the process calls for," Adams said.

The first of those two debates will be held a week from Wednesday night, airing on News 4. That's when Adams said he will respond to attacks from Sliwa.

The campaign trail intensifies as the general election for New York City mayor approaches. Andrew Siff reports.

"What I'm not going to do is participate in the antics. These are serious times," Adams said.

Despite that, the two did trade barbs regarding gun violence, and who is best equipped to solve it.

"Eric Adams, shame on you for talking about having to carry a gun," Sliwa said, referring to Adams comments made earlier in the year.

"He enjoys the antics. 'Oh Eric, you're carrying a gun.' No. Curtis, you should focus on people who carry a gun illegally," Adams retorted.

Early voting begins on Oct. 23, before Election Day on Nov. 2. For his part, Sliwa projected confidence in his ability to win, even if many see his path as very narrow.

"I'm telling you, we are going to shock the world," Sliwa said.

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