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Neighbors Want Profane Anti-Biden Signs Removed From NJ Woman's Fence, Walls

A union County woman who refuses to believe the results of the 2020 election has her home decked out in profane flags, signs and memorabilia against President Joe Biden, and in support of former President Donald Trump

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A New Jersey woman says she'd rather pay a fine than take down signs in support of the former president that hang outside her home — but those who want them gone say it has nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with profanity.

The presidential election has been over for about seven months, but Roselle Park resident Andrea Dick still refuses to believe the results. Her home in Union County is decked out in flags, signs and memorabilia against President Joe Biden, and in support of former President Donald Trump.

"That election was stolen. We were not allowed to vote —but we were allowed to food shop, allowed to go to Target and Walmart," she said, who said the messages are her way of showing support for Trump, who she says "should've won the election."

The are laced with profanity, and for that reason have caught the attention of borough officials. The mayor of Roselle Park, a Democrat, said the signs and flags go against a local ordinance which states it is unlawful to "display or exhibit any obscene material, communication or performance which is obscene within the borough."

Mayor Joseph Signorello said a major concern lies with where Dick's house is located.

"It's within spitting distance of an elementary school, so it makes it particularly problematic," Signorello said. He said he is concerned that children will see the signs on their way to school, a block away from the house.

"You can put up political signage whenever you want, but when it's political signage couple with sexual innuendo, offensive gestures, that's where we draw the line," the mayor said.

Politics aside, Dick said she's ready for a fight — keeping the flags up, and her support for the former president strong.

"I'm taking it all the way to the end," she said.

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