Bloomie’s Park-By-Phone Plan

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Mayor Bloomberg has an idea for an iPhone App, but unlike most budding entrepreneurs he gets newspaper column inches to tell you about it. This mobile app attempts to solve one of the classic conundrums of city life: finding a parking space.

Parking in Manhattan is a quest of such existential angst there have been entire novels written about it.

"How would you like to use your mobile device to see a map of available parking spaces in your neighborhood - and also use it to pay your meter? Or how about getting a text message as your meter is about to expire, so you can get back to your car before getting a ticket?" Bloomie asks in an Op-Ed in today's Daily News. Da Mayor compares the initiative to 311 or putting credit card swipes (and TVs!) in every cab.

Of course, some may say that making New York friendly for parking is a loss of character on the order of losing seedy porn shops in Times Square and the junkies on the Bowery. To them we say, but yeah, have you heard about all the great little boutiques in Alphabet City?

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