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First Daughters of Spain Appear to Be Secret Goths



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    Flickr, Dept. of State
    The State Department's Flickr stream put up rare photos of the Spanish prime minister's teenage daughters.

    Try as they might to stay hidden, the children of world leaders will find a way to show off the regrettable teenage phases they are going through for posterity.

    Sadly, that is what has happened to 13-year-old Alba and 16-year-old Laura, daughters of Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, who typically are concealed from the press for their privacy but were included in a photograph their parents took with Barack and Michelle Obama. The picture was then added to the State Department's Flickr stream. In it, the girls pose in outfits that unmistably bear the look of people full into the goth thing.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that. Really, there isn't. It just isn't a look commonly adopted by children of world leaders is all.

    Certainly we can expect a few rebellious phases from Sasha and Malia in the not-too distant future. Will it be succumbing to the teenage goth fad? Unlikely. Perhaps zany hipsters?