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Safely Into Third Term, Bloomberg Now Supports Two-Term Limit



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    NEW YORK - Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks at during a news conference addressing a new anti cigarette campaign City Hall January 2, 2008 in New York City.

    Michael Bloomberg  says he supports a ballot measure to restore the city's term-limit law to two terms -- a year after he secured a third, four-year stint by asking the City Council to approve a measure that allowed him to run again.

    A spokesman says Bloomberg only supported three terms for himself, because the situation was extraordinary.  Citing the collapse of the housing market and the global recession, Bloomberg maintained he was best prepared to stay in office and steer the city through tough fiscal times.

    Bloomberg had promised he'd convene a charter commission to put the question before voters again.

    Voters will consider it next Tuesday. The question asks whether to amend the city's charter to two terms. If voters check "yes,'' the law will be changed back to two consecutive four-year terms. If they reject it, the three-term law will stand.

    Mayor Bloomberg, who spent millions on his campaign for a third term, pulled out a slim victory over Democratic challenger, former Comptroller Bill Thompson. 

    The move to change the term limits had strong opposition by those who believed Bloomberg was pressuring the City Council to comply with his political desires instead of allowing the move to come to a public referendum.