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Paterson Submits Emergency Spending Bill



    Paterson Submits Emergency Spending Bill
    New York Gov. David Paterson

    In a sign New York's state budget will likely be late again, Gov. David Paterson is issuing emergency spending bills to keep the state running through April 14.

    The state budget is due April 1, but the Senate, Assembly and Paterson have no agreements yet.

    The Legislature's last scheduled day of session is Friday. After that, lawmakers plan to take their Passover-Easter vacation until April 7.

    Paterson is authorizing only certain essential payments during the two week period beginning April 1.

    The budget has been late in each of the last three years, but only by a day or two. After a few on-time budgets before that, Albany had 20 straight years of late budgets. Several were months late.