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Paladino's Facebook Page Hit By Hackers

Paladino camp suspects it's a prank.



    Paladino's Facebook Page Hit By Hackers
    (AP Photo/Don Heupel)

    Carl Paladino is a victim of a cyberspace attack.

    A spokesman confirms that the New York Republican gubernatorial candidate's public Facebook profile was hacked. Someone allegedly wrote inflammatory photo captions that would appear to be attributed to the candidate himself.

    One caption reads "Join the Confederacy. Crazy Carl: The Candidate for the Fringe." Other captions were laced with expletives.

    Paladino's campaign manager Michael Caputo was first alerted to the captions by News Four. Paladino's camp released this statement:

    "Campaigning on the Internet has its upsides and its downsides. Since Carl won the Republican Primary, we've endured massive denial of service attacks, Web hijacking, blog busting, and now Facebook hacking. This could come from Andrew Cuomo's campaign, which spends thousands every day on Facebook. In the end, Cuomo will spend almost $30 million to lie to the voters in every medium known to man. We suspect this is a prank, because Facebook hacking is just juvenile - it takes 20 times more effort to do it than it does to clean it up."

    News Four contacted representatives for Democratic challenger Cuomo  for comment, but none of the calls have been returned.