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Paladino Once Rented to Gay Clubs: Report

New report comes a day after rabble-rousing candidate apologizes to LGBT community



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    State liquor license records show that Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino once collected rent from two gay clubs in downtown Buffalo, according to a published report.
    Cobalt operated as a gay bar in 2004 and most of 2005 and was run by Paladino's son, William, according to the Daily News. The building that housed the club was owned by one of Paladino's many companies, Huron Group LLC.

    A Buffalo News review of Colbat in 2005 touted it as "Way Gay," adding, "The queens, the techno, the cocktails, the kind of gyration normally confined to Manhattan was in full flaming force at Cobalt."

    The other club, Buddies II, operated under the name Queen City Entertainment in another Paladino building.
    The report comes a day after Paladino apologized to the gay community for what he called his "poorly chosen words.'' Among other remarks, Paladino said being gay is "not the way God created us.''

    On Tuesday afternoon, Paladino issued a statement apologizing somewhat for his remarks saying,"I am neither perfect, nor a career politician. I have made mistakes in this campaign - I have made mistakes all my life- as we all have. I am what I am - a simple man who works hard, trusts others, and loves his family and fears for the future of our State."

    He claims that his remarks at the meeting with Jewish leaders weren't completely written by his team, and "I did also say some things for which I should have chosen better words.... I sincerely apologize for any comment that may have offended the Gay and Lesbian Community or their family members. Any reference to branding an entire community based on a small representation of them is wrong."

    Paladino said he opposes same-sex marriage but would actively recruit gays to his administration. He has also mentioned his gay nephew in saying that the discrimination he and others face is a "very ugly experience.''
    In a brief telephone interview with the New York Post, the nephew, Carl Paladino, said "Obviously, I'm very offended by his comments.'' He declined further comment.
    The 23-year-old has not been seen at his uncle's campaign headquarters in Buffalo where he works since the remarks, the Post said.

    New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is a lesbian -- and a Democrat -- rejected Paladino's mediocre mea culpa.

    "Carl Paladino’s statement is no apology and it is not accepted," said Quinn. "If he truly wanted to apologize he would pick up the phone and call any number of people from the LGBT community who could tell him why his remarks over the past several days, including but not limited to those made over the weekend, are so outrageous and dangerous. This is not a question of choosing poor words or a misinterpretation of his remarks. His beliefs are wrong and filled with hate.  New York is a state where we value diversity.  Mr. Paladino is wrong for New York."

    His spokesman, Michael Caputo, did not immediately comment on the report.