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NY Senate Takes a Walk Down Memory Lane



    NY Senate Takes a Walk Down Memory Lane
    State workers at the capitol were busted for a "man cave" where they lounged during work hours, smoked pot, slept, sold drugs and racked up more more than $28,000 in taxpayer funded overtime.

    New York's Senate is scheduled to return for special session to take on a major ethics bill sidelined in a summer power struggle.

         But whether the slim Democratic majority can gain any of the support it needs Thursday from the Republican minority was uncertain. Closed-door negotiations continue.
    The New York Public Interest Research Group praises the ethics bill that would re-create separate enforcers of ethics laws for lobbying and for lawmakers. That would eliminate the Public Integrity Commission that currently handles both duties.
    Also expected to be on the agenda is a bill that would retrofit 1 million homes statewide to cut their energy use and reduce greenhouse gases.
    A new head of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority may also be confirmed.