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Meet Chuck Todd of "Meet the Press"

The soon-to-be host of the Sunday show answered questions on Reddit Friday.



    Chuck Todd "Meet the Press Debut"

    Chuck Todd makes his debut as moderator of "Meet the Press" on Sunday, and has landed President Barack Obama as his first guest. On Friday, Todd took to Reddit to introduce himself.

    The Miami native, who attended George Washington University, was previously NBC’s chief White House correspondent and political director. Despite his years in Washington, the sports lover remains committed to teams outside D.C.; he has been a fan of the Miami Hurricanes and the Green Bay Packers since birth.

    Here, from his Reddit “Ask Me Anything,” are five things we learned about the famed political junkie.

    When will he shave his facial hair?

    Don’t hold your breath — even if, as suggested, it would improve his ratings. When he looks in the mirror, he sees his late father, he says. Shaving his beard would be like getting rid of that piece of his father that he carries with him

    Who is one person, now dead, that he would have loved to have interviewed?

    Richard Nixon, because it would have been a challenge

    How does he see his role as a reporter and moderator?

    His job is to push back against bloviation and talking points by being grounded in facts, and to get to the nut of the debate.

    How does he feel about his name?

    He hates having two one syllable names, and has given both of his children multiple-syllable first names. “I’ve been ‘ChuckTodd’ with every coach and teacher during my childhood,” he wrote on Reddit.

    Does he ever get nervous interviewing high profile guests?

    He's always a tad nervous. "Any moment can be a career ender," he wrote.

    What did he think about the University of Louisville’s football win over Miami on Monday?

    His late father-in-law was a star quarterback at Louisville, so criticism of Louisville is off-limits in his house. He’s not upset about Louisville, he says, but about the University of Miami being unprepared.
    “It’s time for the ‘State of Miami’ to return, meaning that the best players in the best high school football factories in the country go to Miami,” he wrote.