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Levy: Lazio's Number Two is Boring

Greg Edwards calls Albany a "national laughing stock."



    Republican gubernatorial hopeful Steve Levy and State Democratic Party Chair Jay Jacobs spoke at Hofstra panel and to NBCNewYork on Thursday. (Published Thursday, May 20, 2010)

    Steve Levy says Rick Lazio's runningmate is "a bland, safe choice."

    The Suffolk Democrat-turned-Republican made the comment in an interview with NBCNewYork as Lazio was rolling out the red carpet for Chautaqua County Executive Greg Edwards.

    Lazio said his running mate has "got confidence and the skill set to create jobs," while calling Andrew Cuomo "an inside, lifelong Albany politician [who] represents the past."

    Edwards said he was drawn to Lazio by his "candor" and said Albany has become a "national laughing stock."

    Nevertheless, Levy hinted that his runningmate will be much more interesting.

    And the battle for the GOP line in the Governor's race between Lazio and Levy is shaping up to be a bitter one.

    The Conservative party just moved its nominating convention ahead of the GOP convention on June 1. The idea is to give Conservative favorite Rick Lazio more momentum going into the Republican convention.

    Republican chairman Ed Cox has thrown his support behind Levy.

    Levy told NBCNewYork that moving the convention was "a dumb idea," and said Lazio should stop acting like he already has the Conservative and Republican nominations.

    Cox denied that Republicans will suffer because of all the infighting - even as he confirmed a fourth GOP candidate will be joining the Governor's race.  We're told the newest candidate is Myers Mermel, a Manhattan real estate developer who worked on the 2008 Huckabee and McCain campaigns.

    The Governor's race is about to get a lot more interesting with Andrew Cuomo finally about to enter the ring this weekend amid growing dissatisfaction over the state of the state.

    A Newsday/Hofstra poll Thursday found 74 percent of Long Island residents are dissatisfied with the way things are going in NY.

    The subject drew some heated and hilarious jabs across party lines at a Hofstra panel discussion Thursday morning.

    Republicans predicted Democrats will be thrown out of office in November.

    At one point during the panel discussion, State Democratic Party Chair Jay Jacobs turned to Steve Levy and said "I'm not going to dispute any of Levy's achievements, but I remind you he did them as a Democrat."

    Jacobs also laced into GOP Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos, for participating in last summer's Senate coup.

    "You got into bed with Espada and Monserrate. And you got what you get when you get into bed with people," said Jacobs.

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