Feds Deny Effort to "Manufacture" Corruption Case Against John Liu - NBC New York

Feds Deny Effort to "Manufacture" Corruption Case Against John Liu

Liu's former fundraiser and an ex-campaign treasurer have been indicted on corruption chargers



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    Prosecutors have rejected claims that authorities tried to pressure a former fundraiser for New York City's comptroller into helping "manufacture'' a case against the comptroller.   

    The U.S. Attorney's office filed papers in Manhattan federal court Wednesday offering a defense of the tactics used in the probe that's led to the indictments of the former fundraiser, Xing Wu Pan, and an ex-campaign treasurer for Liu.

    Both defendants declined to comment on the government's filing, according to The New York Times.     

    They have both pleaded not guilty.     

    Last month, Pan's lawyers asked a judge to dismiss charged against him based on "outrageous'' conduct by the government.     

    The government asked the judge to deny the motion to dismiss the charges.    

    Liu, a potential mayoral candidate, hasn't been charged with wrongdoing.

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