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Gov. Paterson Taking Advice from Spitzer

Paterson says former governor has "very good ideas about the way government should work"



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    Meet Paterson's new adviser.

    Gov. Paterson revealed yesterday who his latest source of trusted advice is and it comes from no other than his predecessor, Eliot Spitzer.

    Paterson said the former governor has many "very good ideas about the way government should work."

    The governor's statement, made by an aide, said Paterson trusts Spitzer, who resigned from his seat two years ago because of a prostitution scandal. Paterson seeks reelection this fall.

    "I don't remember Eliot Spitzer being in a conversation where he didn't have an opinion," Paterson said. "And he has a lot of very good ideas about the way government should work, which is why the people of New York elected him governor in the first place."

    Paterson, who has recently suffered from low approval ratings, will face Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in the primary election.

    The New York Post reported that Spitzer has informed his associates of desires for his own comeback, and said if Paterson's reelection fails, his efforts for public life would be futile.

    Many government insiders mock Spitzer's role as an adviser, the Post reported, bringing up his lack of connection with voters and his political enemies, which include Cuomo, and, of course, the notorious scandal that brought him down.

    Spitzer has had many public-speaking engagements since last year, commenting on the current state of the economy and the banking crisis.

    Whether or not Spitzer's advice will help Paterson retain his seat remains to be seen.