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Manhattan DA Hopeful Aborn's Bubba Trouble

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    Manhattan DA Hopeful Aborn's Bubba Trouble
    Richard Aborn

    Almost every democratic politician these days wants a little bit of the Bill Clinton charm to rub off on them. (Except perhaps Hillary).

    But Bubba doesn't always want to be rubbed. Manhattan District Richard Aborn hopefully learned that after using the former president's words and image in a campaign flyer without his permission.

    The poster features a photo and Clinton and Aborn shaking hands, with a quote from Clinton heaping praise on Aborn's gun control work.

    The quote is from 13 years ago, in a letter Clinton sent to Aborn.

    The Daily News reports that when asked about the Aborn flyer, a Clinton aide said, "[The president] is no different than anyone else and prefers people get his permission before using his likeness,words."

    The Aborn campaign defended their use of the words and picture, saying that Clinton agreed to take the picture and the letter was part of the public record. They also apologized.