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Councilman Campaigning on Fake Endorsements

Brooklyn's Kendall Stewart invents 8 shout-outs



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    Kendall Stewart has some a-splaining to do.

    The campaign literature for Councilman Kendall Stewart, a Democrat from East Flatbush, is littered with bogus endorsements from eight of his colleagues.

    "Kendall never even asked me for an endorsement," Councilwoman Rosie Mendez (D-East Village) told theDaily News.

    Mendez is scheduled to announce tomorrow her support for Stewart's challenger, tenant organizer Jumaane Williams.

    "It's very aggravating," Williams said. "I don't know if it's disingenuous or just sloppy, but either way, it shouldn't have happened."

    Stewart's run for re-election has already been hobbled by revelations that he's a less than ideal landlord, with more than dozen outstanding violations at an apartment building he owns.

    "In the final analysis, this election is not about who endorsed or who did not endorse me," Stewart said in a statement. "When special interests and their media buddies start to meddle in the affairs of our community the residents will sit up and take note."