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Conservatives Protest "Pro-Obama" Songs at Jersey School

Protest prompted by YouTube video



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    Groups are expected to rally outside of Bernice Young Elementary School today in response to a YouTube video that students singing memorized pro-Obama songs.

    Conservative groups plan to rally today outside of a Jersey school in response to a YouTube video showing second graders singing Obama's praises. Literally.

    The lyrics to one of the controversial songs -- "Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama/ He said that all must lend a hand/ To make this country strong again" -- prompted members of the 9/12 Burlington Country Group, the New Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots and the Bayshore Tea Party Group, to organize a rally outside of B. Bernice Young Elementary School, according to the Burlington County Times.

    "We have to rally with the largest possible number of people on Monday, Columbus Day, to protest the indoctrination of our school children," the rally organizer, Bill Haney told the Daily News. "Let's rescue our children from the socialist agenda of the [National Education Association] and the Obama Administration."

    Haney said he wants the school principal Denise King reassigned, and Schools Superintendent Christopher Manno reprimanded by the state Board of Education.

    Manno sent a letter to school parents informing them of the rally, and assuring them that protesters will not be permitted on school property.

    As of Friday afternoon, no one had applied for a permit to protest, theBurlington County Times reported, although the Director of Public Safety for the Township said he anticipated the demonstrators would go ahead with their plans.

    "My understanding is they plan on being there without a permit," Director Walter Corter said. "Our main concern is that it's a peaceful rally and that the participants are safe."

    The YouTube video that gave the school national attention was filmed in March when students performed for Charisse Carney-Nunes, author of "I Am Barack Obama," who visited the school. It was first posted on the author's website without the school's approval but has since been removed from both there and and YouTube.