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Ford Stalls on Colbert Report



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    Colbert and Ford

    While Toyota may be having a rough go across the country, last night Ford hit a few bumps in New York.

    That's because mock-master Steven Colbert interviewed/skewered Harold Ford Jr., the former Tennessee congressman who's flirting with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's seat.

    During the six-minute sitdown on The Colbert Report, the funnyman asked Ford why he changed his stance on a few issues including gay marriage.

    "I grew up in a different way in Tennessee in church where this was not looked upon favorably. But over the last few years, I have come to a different opinion and I'm for marriage equality," said Ford.

    He added, "The young lady that I'm looking on running against, Senator Gillibrand whom I know and like, she flipped on this [marriage equality]."

    But when Colbert asked Ford about his quote in the New York Times about Staten Island where he said he "had been to Staten Island because [he] touched down in a helicopter there," the Tennessean claimed he didn't recall saying that remark.

    Colbert continued: "Are there other places in New York, you designate as 'helicopter only?' Because I would recommend that for Schenectady."

    Ford said he flew in the helicopter because he was the New York Police Department's commanding officer for the day and saw officers partake in various operations.

    When asked if he has ever voted in New York state, Ford replied: "I have not voted yet, but I am a registered voter here now."

    Colbert ended the interview, calling Ford "once again, my alpha-dog of the week."