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Bloomberg, Thompson Take Campaign $hots

Bloomberg says Thompson lacks "grassroots" support



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    Bill Thompson vs. Michael Bloomberg

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg has already spent more than 40 million dollars of his personal fortune on his re-election campaign, but the billionaire is slamming his Democratic challenger for getting too few donations.

    On Saturday, Comptroller Bill Thompson announced he had raised $79,000 during the first three weeks of September.  In a statement Saturday evening, the Bloomberg campaign spokeswoman Jill Hazelbacker called that "dismal."  In the following statement, Hazelbaker said Thompson's campaign lacks grassroots support because most of the donors gave a $1,000 or more.

    "The fact that Bill Thompson raided more than 50 percent of his $79,000 from individuals giving $1,000 or more is yet another indicator of a campaign lacking enthusiasm and grassroots support.  Today's dismal filing is more back news for Team Thompson."

    But, Thompson's campaign fired back. Carly Lindauer, a spokeswoman for the campaign, said "it's ironic that Republican Mike Bloomberg, who's spending up to $200 million in an attempt to buy the election, is commenting on fundraising numbers. Perhaps he should start addressing the real issues in the race including a 10.3% unemployment rate, schools that leave our children unprepared for the future, and record homelessness."